Where is the school located?


You will find us on ON THE BEACH Beach 69th Street, Rockaway Beach, NY. When you arrive at the board walk, you will easily be able to spot us under our tent and flag set up that says “Locals Surf School”.


Are there waves in New York?


Absolutely! There are enough consistent waves to satisfy anyone from a beginner to an expert right here in NYC. As a testament to this fact, New York had its first world tour professional contest with the Quicksilver Pro. The waves break consistently as well so we are able to hold lessons alost every day. So, why not give surfing a try and take a few surf lessons with Locals Surf School in Rockaway Beach?!


I am not a very good swimmer, can I still take surf lessons?


We require that you know how to tread water and stay afloat. Being able to swim will be very helpful when you learn how to surf; however, being a good swimmer is not necessary. Our beach is great for beginners because the waves don't typically break very far out and the water is relatively shallow so you will be able to stand after you dismount your board. Furthermore, all of our instructors are well trained and CPR / First Aid certified putting you in great hands. Finally, your surfboard will be your over-sized flotation device!


Is the water cold?


The summer months will bring warm water temperatures ranging from the low to high 70’s, perfect for surfing lessons and our Kid's Surf Camp. This is actually warmer than most of California! The water is chilly in the off-season (Dec. - March) but regardless of season, we will provide you with cozy wetsuits for your added comfort. You will be surprised at how warm you will be in the off-season while wearing one of our wetsuits. 


Will we be provided the necessary equipment?


We will provide you with everything you need: surfboard, wetsuit, water, and shade.


What should I bring to the beach?


Just bring a bathing suit, a towel, some extra water and a good attitude.


I have never surfed before. Can I still take lessons?


No experience necessary at all. In fact, we encourage beginners!


I have some surfing experience but would like to improve my ability. Is Locals the place for me?


You bet it is. We at Locals also specialize in surf mentoring and surf coaching for those who are familiar with the sport and want to take their surfing to the next level. We teach on all types of boards in all types of conditions and even offer photo / video analysis for those who are committed to improving.


What types of payment do you accept?


We accept cash on the beach or credit online. To pay by credit, you must pre-pay or submit a card to have on file. 


What happens if there is bad weather or rough surf?


You will have no problem surfing in most weather conditions. However, if there is thunder, lightning or other threatening conditions (such as big waves), we will personally notify everyone for that day and reschedule lessons. We would love to give you as much notice as possible; however, weather and wave patterns may change quickly so we do our best to notify students of cancellation as soon as we know what is best. The latest we will let students know is 2 hours before your scheduled lesson time if we have to reschedule. Always feel free to reach out if you are unsure!


Can I cancel a lesson?


We would really like at least 48 hours of advanced notice if you must cancel or reschedule but we NEED 24 hours of notice. If canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours of your lesson, you will be charged HALF the cost of your lesson. If canceling or rescheduling on the same day of your lesson, you will be charged the FULL the cost of your lesson. We are normally very accommodating and understanding of unforeseen emergencies and circumstances but keep in mind that we pay our instructors in advanced for lesson spots that could have otherwise been filled if you had given us more notice. Parties and Outings are required to give 5 days of notice to cancel or reschedule without incurring the fee.


Is there an age limit?


There are no age requirements. We will place you in basic age groups: youth and adult if taking a group class. Kids under 14 will likely need to take a private lesson if they do not bring their own friends to form a small group of 3 or more. Kids as young as 3 can take a private lesson. 


When are the lessons offered?


Lessons are offered 7 days a week ALL YEAR ROUND. Each day will have 3 possible sessions that you may sign up for. See the Schedule for more details.


How many lessons does it typically take to learn how to surf?


We will have you standing on a board in only one lesson but it may take several lessons to find your groove. To truly get the hang of it, we recommend you sing up for a lesson package as most students do. 


Should I do group or private lessons?


We teach both lesson types all year but the groups happen mostly in the warmer months when we can group people together at random due to higher demand. Group Lessons foster a fun and low pressure learning environment that many enjoy. One can take a private lesson any day of the year and will benefit from the fastest track towards being a better surfer. 


Is surfing dangerous?


As with all sports and activities, surfing comes with some risks. However, at Locals Surf School you have little to worry about. We have been in this business for quite some time and are certified with the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association. Our staff is also well trained and CPR/ First Aid certified.


How do i get there?


You have many options of getting to us. You can take the subway, bus, ferry or drive. Either way, you will find us on the beach on Beach 69th St. in Rockaway Beach.


Is there parking in the area?


Yes there is free street parking throughout the area.


Do I have to be in shape to surf?


Not at all. While being in good health and shape helps, we've taught all sorts of people and abilities how to surf. Most people, regardless of their physicality, are able to stand up and ride a wave on their first lesson!


Can you surf in the winter?


Yes, and many people do. You will just need the right wetsuit. If you take a surf lesson with Locals, we will provide you with all the gear you need.


What happens if I break a board or piece of equipment?

If you break a board or other equipment, either while renting or during a lesson, Locals Surf School reserves the right to charge you the full amount for this broken board or piece of equipment. The following is a list of fees for broken equipment:

Surfboard: $350

Leash: $25

Wetsuit: $50


Why should I learn how to surf?


There is no better feeling than riding a wave. Surfing is not only a sport, it’s a way of life, a blessing and, as most will say, a happy addiction! Trust us, you’ll soon understand.