Mike L.

The first day with them still feels like yesterday: I remember going out, all while being taught, very succinctly and assuringly, on the fundamentals of surfing.  I went out on my board, wearing a snug wetsuit, all provided by Locals Surf.  That's right, just bring your bathing suit, a towel, some sun-screen, and they do the rest.  There are some really nice restaurants nearby, and even a grocery store (stop and shop), so if you forget your water bottle, the area has you covered!  The people on the beach are awesome, friendly, and supportive, especially if they are surfers themselves.  Everyone comes out here to have a good time.

You might worry about the WAVES: don't.  New York's Rockaway beach is definitely meant for surfing.  This isn't Coney Island.  You will get your money's worth, or your adventure's worth.  However you want to look at it, those waves will come, and sometimes even larger than you expect.

Back to my first day: I stared at the sun as I sat on my board, the ocean's horizon on one side, and the barely visible NYC skyline on the other, and said "this is the beginning of my new life, and today I will find myself on my first wave".  I found my new life in those days, training with Mike and Mike.  It changed my life, and i don't use that lightly.  I felt like a surfed my problems away into the ocean, and walked back onto the beach a new man.  I'm a fashion photographer, and actor, and surfing gave me a new outlook on life, one of transience, and renewal.  Thank you for giving me more than I bargained for, Locals Surf School.  I will always enjoy dropping by, and giving you free photoshoots anytime you need it. 

Now, I feel confident about surfing, and am buying my first surfboard this year.  Through hard work and training, I hope to drop by the area to at least say to the students that it was Mike and Mike who got me hooked on this.  Surfing is a big part of me, all thanks to a small investment which turned into a life changer.  

It will change you, surfing always will...but Locals Surf will *start* you.