Kelsey P.

Your Blue Crush dreams have finally come true in New York City's own backyard, Locals Surf School in Rockaway Beach.

My first time making the worthwhile trip out to Rockaway, 2 summers ago, left me with not only with my hidden surfing abilities come to life, thanks to the professional and supportive instructors, but also left me with a new community outside of the city, new memories, and new good-hearted friends; the mikes!

On or off shore, The locals team ensures your safety first and entertainment second. These boys make you feel right at home whether you are beginning or advanced. Their genuine personalities and fun spirits will only want to make you come back for more lessons, without killing your wallet.

Not only is it great to experience the surf, but Rockaway always has more fun waiting when the sun goes down. In past summers, I've hit up Rippers Bar dance parties, Playland Motel's Tiki Disco, and Locals Surf launch parties and hang outs at the Surf Club. 

Locals Surf School truly brings the adventure into your life when your soul starts to feel a bit too cooped up in the steamy city and nostalgic for days & weekends spent surfing at the beach. 

By far, some of the best people, memories and experiences that have come into my life  the past 4 years in NYC,  thanks to Locals Surf.