Jonathan G.

We surf with these guys! We love them!! And want to be them!! They are amazing people and instructors! And that's founders Mike R., Mike K., and all of the instructors we've encountered since beginning to surf with them in the summer of 2015. 

I've waited a little more than 20 years to begin surfing again. My first experience was disastrous. As a 22 year-old living in Southern California I bought a cool looking wetsuit and a used board that was barely taller than me, but had "thick rails" according to my sister's boyfriend at the time. I looked like a pro on land, but got my ass kicked in the spring Malibu surf! I mean KICKED!!! One Malibu local snorted, "are you from New Jersey?" I responded rather enthusiastically, "yeah, exit 4! Which exit are you?" The look on his face said it all.  I needed to leave. But first I had to find my way off of the rocks where I landed with my first effort to flee. 

Fast forward 22 years, and after years of living in foreign countries with zero surf, I was finally back in the NY/CT area and learned about Locals Surf School. Once my son was comfortable in the water I called Locals. My wife was a bit nervous as our son had just turned 6 and had limited ocean experience, but the two Mikes assured me that they'd taught kids his age and experience before. "Bring a towel" wetsuits and surfboards were provided.  

Arriving on the beach that first day we were immediately impressed when we met the two Mikes and the Locals instructors. We were welcomed like old friends. Their openness, friendliness and professionalism was clearly evident. I went off with one instructor and my son with another. My wife watched our son from a distance for a little while, but mostly out of pride as he took to surfing immediately. She was more than confident with him being in the water with a Local's instructor; another Mike. Mike taught to my son's level, and didn't put him in any situations that were above him. Me on the other hand finally had success!! We all had an awesome first experience!!  

Since that first day we have surfed with Locals as much as we can, and love surfing with them more and more after each session!! Sadly I've continued alone this winter without my son as I can't find a proper 5/4 wetsuit for him anywhere; he's too small. But he'll be back with Locals in the spring, and will attend their summer camp after getting a taste last summer. And he can't wait! He had such an amazing experience with Locals last summer, it ranks high in his camper experience. As parents we were so happy to experience his joy and love for the camp and camp counselors/instructors. 

With 3 small children ages 6.5 and below, and living in Connecticut, I sadly don't have the hours to spend in the water learning the ocean. Fortunately I've been able to surf regularly with Locals own Jedi instructor Dillon. My time with him in the water is better than spending hours figuring it out alone; I'm progressing faster. I dream of shredding and getting barreled one day. And Locals is getting me there step-by step.

Surfing seems easy once you get up on a board. But surfing is so much more than standing on a board. Right now for me its wave selection, position, paddle technique and speed to name a few. And that's just catching a wave!! Then its turning and trimming, which is an addiction after you're able to do it for the first time. Without Dillion, or a Locals instructor in the water with me I'd surely not be where I currently am skill wise. Even when the waves are few and far between we've worked on so much, minus the bad habits you're bound to learn on your own. And then there's the swell and wind direction, coastline, etc. So much that we talk about and I learn from. Its endless. 

The ocean is powerful! I was handed a fitness reality check the first time I surfed with Locals. Since then I'm getting in the best shape of my life, and they're helping. They're all lifeguards, amazing swimmers and swim instructors. We've discussed specific training techniques, and the love I've developed for surfing has pushed me to be stronger and fitter.    

I recently bought another wetsuit and surfboard. This time I consulted with Locals, and not a love interest of my sister's. The time they've given me out of the water as unpaid surf consultants is amazing. They are always a simple text message away, and very responsive. They have canceled lessons due to declining surf, and rough weather conditions. And never put making a dollar $$ before my fun and learning experience. We've been treated exceptionally well by Locals. Not to mention how accommodating and flexible they've been on scheduling very early morning surf sessions with me. 

The entire Locals crew are genuine "Good People". The best you'd ever want to know! We're apart of their extended family now. A family who surfs together! Many businesses should study them and follow their example. These guys are true Locals, but are also the Pros, and the Real Deal!!