Priscilla A.

Mike Kololyan & Mike Reinhardt (and Josh Steinberg in Nicaragua) have literally enhanced the quality of my life through their ability to teach me how to surf. 

Mike Kololyan gave me my first lesson in Rockaway and during it, I rode several waves... my first lesson! Went back for lesson #2 where I then met Mike Reinhardt and rode even more waves, and there you have it- I was hooked. I just got back from Locals' surf camp in Nicaragua a couple of weeks ago, and it is now my mission to keep surfing for as long as I possibly can during my life. 

It's one thing to be an amazing surfer (which these guys are!!!), but it's quite another to have the ability to teach. Mike R., Mike K., and the other instructors they have working with them, truly have a gift for breaking things down for us beginners (or anyone for that matter). Each wave you catch (and the many more you don't), gets you a pointer from any of these guys that makes you better and better. Seriously, every single piece of advice, lesson, comment, tip, etc. is so helpful, necessary, and most important: effective! 

I feel completely confident and secure when I'm in the water with these guys. They're all certified lifeguards, who have actually saved people from drowning (I've heard some stories)- could it get any better? Believe it or not, it can... in addition to talent and skill- they are all some of the nicest (and most patient!) human beings I've had the privilege of meeting and consider myself extremely fortunate to be one of their students. 

I also want to add that they never make me feel self-conscious when I make all my mistakes or ask all my questions- in fact, questions are encouraged and nosedives/wipe-outs are part of the journey. It's all very chill and stress-free, which may sound surprising until you experience a lesson and/or meet any of these guys yourself. 

I can go on and on and still, words are not enough. Just trust me when I say- GET OUT THERE WITH LOCALS AND SURF!! 

(I also have to shout out John Reinhardt & Mike Dier for their pointers while in Nicaragua as well!) 

Thank you Mike(s) and crew for everything and more!! I'll see you in the water soon :)