John K.

I progressed rather quickly for a beginner surfer but after a few months I really didn't seem to be getting any better.   I heard about Locals through a Sandy Fundraiser in NYC and decided to start taking lessons from them.   Honestly, the best decision I've made in regards to my surfing!  Mike and Mike are both excellent teachers and have helped me advance in all aspects of the sport.  

What really puts Locals apart from other surf schools I've taken lessons at is the way they give all of their students the individual attention they need based on their skill level.  They do a great job with teaching absolute beginners as well as intermediate and advanced surfers.   I recommend anyone interested in surfing or improving to take lessons from the Mikes!  Not only are these guys excellent surfers in their own right but they're great teachers who are extremely patient, respectful, and super motivating.

Also,  it's a straight shot to Locals on the A train.  A to 67th street and a 4 minute walk to their tent on the beach.  Can't get any easier if you're coming from Manhattan.