Crystal R.

I had a blast!!!!!!!!
I live in NY and ever since going to Hawaii in 2010 I have decided that I want to live there. Part of that vision, includes me learning how to surf. So imagine my delight when I find that I don't have to wait tillI move to learn!!! I met up with Mike & Mike for my 11am group lesson, and it was a great time!!! They were super patient, easy to learn from, and just had really good energy all around. Even before I got there, in the subsequent weeks, I had called with questions quite a few times, and they were always quick and willing to answer them! These guys are awesome on a level that exceeds my expectations. I totally recommend them to everyone!!! I may not have been able to stand up this time, but I did get to paddle out and ride back in on a board. The section of beach where they teach is way better than the overly crowded beach further down where most of the other people hang out. Can't wait to go back out and try again! 
I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to surf, whether or not you're a beginner or a pro looking for new tips and tricks, and for all sizes & ages!

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