Andreea W.

This winter I had the opportunity to get on tropical waters with Locals instructor, Michael Kololyan. In my head I always think that I can do so much more, but on water and real waves the reality and challenge of surfing makes me crazy. All I want is to shred, ha! 

After seeing me for a couple of days, Mike picked up on all my flaws and gave the few pointers and reminders that I needed to get me in the waves and have fun. Paddling hard is huge, he taught me to dig deep, strong and reach. Also, after looking at what I am doing he said that I am not applying myself on the waves. So true, I have no idea what to do and how to use my body once I catch the wave, I just let the water take me for the ride. 

When you learn a sport as an adult it is so much harder, as it is not instinctual behavior. I am a pretty athletic girl but surfing kicks my butt. I've been surfing for two years, the more I do it, the more I love it and want to get better. I find surf training through my progress and challenges is huge, every time I get on water with Mike K. or Mike R. I learn something that sticks with me, helps me get better, smarter and makes me smile. This spring/summer we'll be working on the next level, actually riding the waves and yes! extreme paddling :) Rock on!!

Thanks Locals for always giving me an awesome surfy makeover. xx