When booking, keep these terms in mind :)

To keep our operations running smoothly, we at Locals Surf School have a few terms and conditions that are important to understand before taking lessons with us. Don't worry, there's nothing to be scared of here. We've worked hard to build a reputation of being very understanding and accommodating people who are in the business of making our customers happy, not making a extra buck when possible. 

Gratuity for lessons is not included or necessary but generally recommended. 

     "Like It"   =  $10

     "Love It"  =  $20

Large Groups: Parties of 10 or more are required to tip at least 20%

Scheduling: All lessons must be scheduled. Scheduling a week in advanced is recommended for preferential timing; however, students can often call at the last minute to jump in an open time slot. Walk-ons are accepted but not guaranteed. Purchasing a lesson online before scheduling does not guarantee lesson availability. 

Requesting Instructors: Students may request to work with a particular instructor but working with that instructor is not guaranteed. Instructors have to juggle busy and constantly changing schedules so its is recommended that students tip the insctuctors they wish to work with in order to secure their lesson with him or her.

Being Late: Arriving 30 minutes before a lesson is recommended but 15 minutes early is a MUST. It takes a few minutes do get signed in, suited-up, and stretched out so please be on time and ready to go. If you are running late, please let us know and give us an honest ETA.

• When arriving late, we do our best to accommodate our students by giving them extra time a the end; however, at some point we have to end the lesson no matter what. We will have other students waiting to use their own paid time and cannot sacrifice their time. If you arrive so late that so you miss most of the lesson, you can choose to take the remainder of the lesson for the full lesson price, or simply pay the cancellation fee. 

Cancellation Policy:  We would really like at least 48 hours of advanced notice if you must cancel or reschedule but we NEED 24 hours of notice. If canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours of your lesson, you will be charged the full cost of your lesson for however may spots were reserved. We are normally very accommodating and understanding of unforeseen emergencies and circumstances but keep in mind that we pay our instructors in advanced for lesson spots that could have otherwise been filled if you had given us more notice. Parties and Outings of 6 or more are required to give 2 days of notice to cancel or reschedule without incurring the fee. Parties and Outings of 12 or more are required to give 5 days of notice to cancel or reschedule without incurring the fee. Parties and Outings of 20 or more are required to give 10 days of notice to cancel or reschedule without incurring the fee.

• Class Minimums: We offer group classes each day of the week but our minimum to run a group class is 3 people. You do not need to have 3 people to register and can register individually but if less than 3 people total are registered for a group class, then students will be given the option to upgrade to a private lesson or come another day instead. 

Broken Equipment: If our equipment is lost or broken with a rental, it must be replaced to its full value. If equipment is lost or damaged during a lesson, the student may be liable for replacing the equipment if actions were deemed negligent by owner or instructor. Prices vary for different equipment but are generally priced as follows:

    • Surf Board : $300

    • Leash : $30

    • Wetsuit : $200

    • Wetsuit Top : $70

    • Fins : $15 

• Leaving A Lesson: If you decide to leave the lesson at any point, you may not make-up the remaining time. 

• By signing up for a lesson with Locals Surf School LLC, you agree for your card on file to be charged for cancellation and damage fees. 

• Owners, instructors and affiliates of Locals Surf School LLC are not responsible for injuries or damage caused to students or their parties.

No Refunds: There are no refunds for orders, lessons or packages once they have been placed or purchased. Lesson and camp credit always valid.