What time is drop-off for camp?

On the first day we ask that you drop off your child at least 15 minutes early to get signed in and situated. On the following days just a few minutes early is fine. If you will not be the one to pick up you child, please let us know at the beginning of the day.

What time is pick-up?

Pick up is at 1PM sharp. We encourage parents to come a bit early to watch their kids as they surf during their second surf lesson of the day. If you will be late for pick-up, please let us know.

How should we get there?

Parking is easy and free in the are so driving is recommended. However, if you are coming from out of the neighborhood, it is easy to get here by the A train subway and several MTA busses. Check the "TRANSPORT" section of our website for more details. Also, many parents may be coming from the same area outside of Rockaway and we'd be happy to help arrange a carpool if necessary.

Should I pack a lunch?

We will provide water and light snacks to the campers but we strongly recommend that you pack them a light lunch. Although it is a short day, we have them doing plenty of activity which works up an appetite quickly. 

Does my child need to know how to swim?

We require that all kids in camp are able to tread water and stay afloat but don't necessarily need to be great swimmers. Part of the surf camp experience is to build their confidence and strength in the ocean. They will also be supervised by trained and certified surf instructors and lifeguards.

Is my child too old or too young?

Most of our campers are between the ages of 5 and 18. Within the camp, we break kids up into age groups so they are learning with others of their own age and abilities. 

Can we sign up for just the day?

Sure thing! The day rate for one child in camp is $110 per day.

Should we tips the instructors?

Although tipping is not required, it is generally recommended for your child's instructors. Parents will usually tip their child's instructor at the end of the week. If you are unsure of which instructor your child worked with, you may give tips to the owners who will then be able to deal them out appropriately based on the schedule for their child's week.

     "Thanks for a Great Week" : $50

     "My child loved surfing with you!" : $100

Should we stay at the beach or leave for the day?

Many parents wonder whether or not they should stay at the beach with their kids while camp is underway. With ample instructor supervision, Locals Surf School does an excellent job of making the kids feel comfortable and safe at all times so it is not necessary for parents to stay at the beach. In fact, we even encourage parents to give their kids space and the chance to open up! Or, for those who would like to enjoy the beach, many parents will take a lesson themselves in the morning, then spend the early afternoon relaxing and watching their kids learn to surf. 

When registering for Surf Camp, please keep these terms in mind :)

To keep our operations running smoothly, we at Locals Surf School have a few terms and conditions that are important to understand before enrolling in Surf Camp. Don't worry, there's nothing to be scared of here. We've worked hard to build a reputation of being very understanding and accommodating people who are in the business of making our customers happy, not making a extra buck when possible.

Weather: Although we are masters of the ocean, we are certainly not in control of the weather. If the forecast calls for light rain, the show will go on... surfers are meant to get wet! We will cancel a day of camp when the weather or wave conditions look like they will not be conducive to having a safe and fun day at the beach. These conditions include but are not limited too: rough surf, thunderstorms, heavy rain, etc. We will do our best to notify parents of a cancellation with as much advanced notice as possible. This may be the night before or possibly the morning of. If inclement weather conditions occur after a half day at the beach, the day will count and we will call parents to come pick up their kids. Then, we will give a little more time each day following. 

Make-Ups: If we cancel a day due to rough surf or bad weather, refunds are not provided for that day; rather, kids can make up their missed day or use the credit towards a lesson. We just ask that you give us a few days of notice to schedule a make-up day for your child. If your child misses a day of camp for reasons other than family emergencies or Locals canceling the day, the day cannot be made up and will be forfeited. 

• Cancellation Policy: We at Locals Surf School hire our instructors in advanced based upon how many kids have booked for the week. We do this to ensure that all students receive plenty of high-quality attention and that everything runs smoothly. So, if you must change the week of your child's camp, we ask that you give us at least a week of advanced notice. We need this so we can adjust our instructors schedule. Also, our camp weeks normally completely book up so with ample notice of week change, we can fill your spot that would otherwise go unfilled without ample notice. Week changes within a week are subject to a fee of $100 while camp cancellations within a week are subject to a $200 fee.