Locals Student of the Week | Will Anderson

Locals Surf School's first featured Student of the Week is Will Anderson! 

Will is from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and has been living in New York since 1998 where he works as a photographer. Years ago he had tried surfing with friends but in crazy conditions and he never really took to it, yet last summer he changed his mind during a trip to Montauk. As he was watching a kids surfing lesson, he decided to give it another go and asked about adult surf lessons. After that he was hooked, and continued taking surf lessons in Rockaway Beach with Locals last fall and took a surf trip to Costa Rica in January. Will started back up this spring going out by himself and continuing to take lessons to better his surfing. He has really dedicated himself to the sport and you can find him at the beach at least twice a week. 

One reason Will loves surfing is because it allows him to escape his thoughts and "that you don't think of anything else when you're in the water," he says. He also enjoys the unpredictability of surfing, how humbling it can be at times, and that you can pick it up at any age. He himself picked it up at age 41. The health and fitness aspect of surfing is another added benefit for Will. He used to be a runner before injuring his foot and surfing has provided him with another means of exercise and a newly discovered passion. 

You can check out some of Will's photography at http://www.willandersonphotography.com and if you happen to see him out in the water or on the beach stop by and say hi!