An Awesome Adventure In....

Wow. What a good time. It's nice to be back to see family, friends, and the city I grew up in but damn, it was hard to leave Nicaragua. Why? Well, I could write a laundry list that details every single reason. However, I'd rather just characterize how awesome the experience was with hopes of inspiring you to take a trip with us next time or at least get out there and do your own surf travel.

So this past winter I was once again running a surf camp out of Casa de Olas is San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. San Juan was once a quiet, yet colorful fishing town on the southern Pacific coast of the country. Yet it has now evolved into a lively hub for back packers and surfers alike. Despite the recent and rapid influx of travelers, the town has kept it's authenticity. No McDonald's, no Subway, no Chase bank. Thank God. And just on top of a hill overlooking all the madness is Casa de Olas, my home away from home. This too started as a quiet lodging for couples but has grown and evolved at the same tempo as San Juan and is now a youthful and fun hostel that caters to everyone. You won't understand how good this place is until you stay there, then eventually push you flight back and stay there a bit longer. 

Overall, myself and my long-time friend and Locals instructor named Josh had an amazing time meeting, teaching surf lessons, and hanging out with each and every student who came down for a trip. And in the meantime, we had the opportunity to enjoy ourselves as well. We surfed, we skated, we taught, we partied, we explored, we volunteered, we did EVERYTHING! So if you're feeling cooped up in this big city and thinking about getting out for a bit, just do it. Take and adventure with us or whoever. Just get out there and make the most of it. We sure did and we hope that everyone else can enjoy just as much fun and happiness that we are fortunate enough to experience. 

Stay stoked,

Mike (@rein_fart) 

Photos by: Anna M. and Clay D. Thanks guys!