Locals Foam-Top Frenzy was a Huge Success!

Locals Surf School's first annual Foam-Top Frenzy was a massive success, but you could have guessed that. With solid surf and a bunch of people charging foam-tops, what could go wrong? Well a few things actually, but that didn't stop the crowds from coming for carnage!

From the early morning onwards, we had some pretty heavy rains for most of the competition; however, Locals had set up several tents along with RedBull's massive wigwam to keep the crowds dry. Despite the rains, we still had a very solid turnout of both spectators and competitors alike. 

With about 40 people competing, we ran the competition frenzy style, that is to say there were no typical man on man heats. Instead, there were 5 heats of about 7 guys per heat all competing for the three coveted awards: Best Wave, Best Wipeout, and Best Alternative Craft. The rules were simple; no "real" surf boards.

All of the competitors were really charging their hardest in drifty, semi-clean 4-6ft surf. On top of this, there was a school of mating dogfish that added extra element of fear to the frenzy. This made for some epic rides and hilarious wipeouts. In fact, we have never seen so much hilarity go down at any competition before as the whole crowd erupted each time a competitor took off on a bomb or experienced a brutal wipeout. With a quarter of the guys in the "Alternative Craft" division, how could you not have fun as you watch a guy go over the falls riding an inflatable unicorn?

By the end of the event, we had at least 3 broken boards and a few champions to be named. Local shaper Paul Schmidt took home the prize for "Best Wipeout" after riding a bomb on his finless foamie but eventually cartwheeling down the face into a broken board disaster. The "Alternative Craft" division was a tough one to judge because one couldn't just show up with a crazy contraption, it had to be ridden! In the end, frequent beach bum Connor won for successfully riding two waves on his multi-board, inflatable craft. Finally, an underdog named Nick Hum won for "Best Wave". While other guys paddled over the biggest wave of the day, Nick's Captain America wetsuit gave him the confidence to go for it, nearly nose-dive, almost skid out and somehow make the drop before getting swallowed by the whitewater in an epic fashion on his trusted 8'0 Wavestorm. 

By the end of the competition, people were ready to party at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, and party they did. High Waisted rocked the place as everyone celebrated their foam-top victories and failures with energized cocktails supplied our friends at RedBull. By the end of the day, countless people were begging the question: "when is the next frenzy?"

When RedBull and Locals Surf School hatched the idea for this event, the goal was to host a competition that could be work in small waves if we were unlucky but that would be epic if we did get waves. Most importantly, we didn't want any pressure or exclusivity that comes with typical contests; rather, we wanted everyone to feel like they could join in and just have fun. All of these goals were definitely met and we look forward to next year's event as it will be even bigger, better and definitely kookier.  

All the Best,
Mike Reinhardt @RideWithReino

Photos by: Ruth Mamaril @ruthmama72

Locals Summer Kickoff Party

Locals Surf School invites YOU to party with us on June 14th - Join us while we celebrate the warm weather, cold drinks, and good times at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. The event will start promptly at 7PM and will last all through the night.

Looking to grab a surf lesson before the big bash? Hit us up now because our weekends are already starting to book up! See you on the beach and at our party!




• Locals Tank Tops are hitting the online store.

• The Kook Diaries Epsiode Two is set to release in the next few days.


• One of our favorite tacos joints Rockaway Taco is set to open up for the season on May 1, 2014

• After a very very long winter... Spring is finally in the air! The weather & water temps have been on a steady incline over the past few weeks. We've been currently teaching surf lessons and free surfing in 4/3mm wetsuits w/ boots and gloves (NO HOOD) - At this pace the gloves should be off within the next week or two :)

• (NEW) Locals 5-Panel hats will be arriving in our online shop around Mid May - Featuring Floral Print, Chambray Blue &  a restock of the classic All Black cap.

• (NEW) Locals Trucker coming soon to an online store near you :) We've decided to keep it original with the All Black trucker hat, get them while they're hot!


• Who likes to party? We like to party! Locals will be throwing the first big summer Kick Off party at The Rockaway Beach Surf Club on June 14, 2014 - More details to come, stay tuned!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

• June 21st marks the official first day of SUMMER & its also Go Skateboarding Day.

• June 28th Kicks off Rockaway's 8th Annual Rockstock & Barrels Festival featuring tons of live bands, DJ's, surf competition, skate jams, and local vendors. Want to be a part of the Rockstock and Barrels 8th annual Festival? All sponsors, vendors, artist, musicians or curious ones... Please contact us at: info@rockstocknyc.com

• June 30th marks the First day Kids Surf Camp - Sign up today to be apart of this awesome summer surf experience in NYC! Contact us at : info@LocalsSurfSchool.com

An Awesome Adventure In....

Wow. What a good time. It's nice to be back to see family, friends, and the city I grew up in but damn, it was hard to leave Nicaragua. Why? Well, I could write a laundry list that details every single reason. However, I'd rather just characterize how awesome the experience was with hopes of inspiring you to take a trip with us next time or at least get out there and do your own surf travel.

So this past winter I was once again running a surf camp out of Casa de Olas is San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. San Juan was once a quiet, yet colorful fishing town on the southern Pacific coast of the country. Yet it has now evolved into a lively hub for back packers and surfers alike. Despite the recent and rapid influx of travelers, the town has kept it's authenticity. No McDonald's, no Subway, no Chase bank. Thank God. And just on top of a hill overlooking all the madness is Casa de Olas, my home away from home. This too started as a quiet lodging for couples but has grown and evolved at the same tempo as San Juan and is now a youthful and fun hostel that caters to everyone. You won't understand how good this place is until you stay there, then eventually push you flight back and stay there a bit longer. 

Overall, myself and my long-time friend and Locals instructor named Josh had an amazing time meeting, teaching surf lessons, and hanging out with each and every student who came down for a trip. And in the meantime, we had the opportunity to enjoy ourselves as well. We surfed, we skated, we taught, we partied, we explored, we volunteered, we did EVERYTHING! So if you're feeling cooped up in this big city and thinking about getting out for a bit, just do it. Take and adventure with us or whoever. Just get out there and make the most of it. We sure did and we hope that everyone else can enjoy just as much fun and happiness that we are fortunate enough to experience. 

Stay stoked,

Mike (@rein_fart) 

Photos by: Anna M. and Clay D. Thanks guys!

November Sessions

“We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach!!!”  Everybody and their mother, grandmother and even their weird, sometimes-inappropriate uncle was out there this weekend. Why? Well, the waves were good, and they hadn’t been for a bit. Annoyed by the crowds? Chill out, there were plenty of good waves for everyone to nosedive on.  

Overall, Saturday was a great day. Unfortunately we had to cancel lessons but it was great to see a lot of familiar faces out there, friends and former students alike. Kolo was ripping as always and despite nursing a sprained ankle, Reino managed to snag a few gems out there amongst the crowds. Cold water reduces swelling!

Photos by Andreea Waters

Tropical Storm Karen

Karen, you moody woman you! After just getting back from a quick trip to Puerto Rico, it was a huge surprise to find some decent waves at home upon my return. Well, sort of. Karen had many faces;  mildly textured, super sloppy and only sometimes clean.

Doesn't matter though. She got the job done and delivered several days of fun surf.  Next time you're unsure about the conditions, just go! You'll be glad you did, even if it's not glassy and overhead. Paddle out, take a surf lesson, do what you will! After all, we're still on the east coast so take what you can get.  Karen gave us waves and the Locals were there to take them.

Check some of our favorite photos below by Andreea Waters and find the rest on our Facebook page!

-Mike R.

September Sessions

"Waves... there were waves?!" This was the frustrated response we heard many times after telling people of the awesome surf session we just had at Beach 67th. Sorry folks but, yes, there were!

The forecasts for this day didn't seem to be showing much activity so not many people planned to make the trip out here. We had to cancel our surf lessons due to size but ended up having a solid two hour window of glassy chest high waves mostly to ourselves. The super-light onshores made for puntable ramps on many of the waves. Overall, great day to be a surfer in Rockaway.

Locals Summer Bash

It's a paaaaarrrTAAAAYY! This summer was a long one. We worked really hard and very often. For this reason, we didn't have too much time to have fun off the beach. However, we finally got the chance to blow off some steam and party with our students and friends.  

The Locals Summer Bash at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club ended up being a huge success. We got to give away some sick gear from our sponsors and play referee to a heated ping pong tournament until everyone became more concerned with having drinks. Make sure to be at the next one!

Founders of Locals Surf School, Mike & Mike, were stoked to giving away plenty of free stuff to those who turned out. Mike K looks like he's having a hard time letting go of that brand new skate deck!




Here are our students Anna and Olivia ready to party after a fun day at the beach. No time to drop off the board!


Founders of Locals Surf School, Mike & Mike, were stoked to be giving away plenty of free surf and skate gear to those who attended. Mike K looks like he's having a hard time letting go of that skate deck!



Our friend and local Lifeguard, Bobby, seems to be feeling pretty confident with his Locals shirt on.


Find more pictures of the party on our Facebook page!



Owner and bar-tender at the surf club, Brady, making sure everyone gets their fix while working on his best jazz hands.